8 Insider Reasons to apply to LSE

Angelina Jolie at the LSE
Angelina Jolie at the LSE

1. It’s a World Class Institution

LSE was ranked second, for the second year in a row, by The QS World University Rankings in Social Sciences. We may have lost out to Harvard, but we only really care that we beat Oxbridge. Love your social sciences? LSE is the place for you.

2. Choice of Programmes

We have approximately 140 taught master’s programmes. With each programme there are a further number of combinations students can opt for. 

The flexible nature of some of the undergraduate courses is also a godsend. Trust me, no one wants to spend all their time doing abstract math or statistics, so you are free to choose an option/s (depending on your course) from pretty much any other department in the university. If you want to study math and economics but graduate as a fluent Spanish speaker, you can at LSE. Just saying

3. You’ll meet the real celebrities

Fancy bumping into Danny Quah or Chris Pissarides on your way to lunch? Well those dreams can become reality. LSE is full of world renowned academics and Nobel Prize Winners. Students have even been lucky enough to be taught by the likes of Paul Krugman and even Amartya Sen (although this was more than a few years back).

But if you have a different idea of ‘celebrity’, don’t worry. It wasn’t long ago that Angelina Jolie paid us a visit to launch the New Centre for Women, Peace and Security, along side with the even bigger celebrity, William Hague.

 4. You’re in London

You can’t be bored in London. It’s impossible. In fact it’s the best place to be if you know where to go. Despite common perceptions London is full of affordable entertainment for young adventurous students ready to take on the world. And if you’re not into the partying scene or the crazy life… Well… you can always take a bus tour.

5. It’s truly international 

The LSE Student body represents over a 150 nationalities! Non-UK students make up for 65% of the undergraduate population and this gives you unlimited opportunities to interact and socialise with people from all walks of life. But the best perk of being so ‘international’ is definitely the international food festival at LSE’s Global Village week. I mean, it is free food from every part of the world. What more do you want?

6. Employability

No you don’t have to go into Investment banking to get a job out of LSE. Overall, LSE has won University of the Year for Graduate Employment in The Times and The Sunday times LSE 2015. Also, the average salary of an undergraduate is £9000.00 higher than the national average. No complaints from us on that. 

And yes, if you do have an intense, burning, Hollywood movie style passion for the financial world your starting salary is significantly higher. Not that anyone from LSE goes into banking...

7. The societies

Are you passionate about Politics? Economics? Banking? Or are you more into gaming and cider? It doesn’t really matter because LSE has you covered. The societies you can join range from cider appreciation, to gaming, fashion, dance… You get the point.

8. It attracts World Class speakers

Now there’s no point in me just listing all the amazing speakers that have come to LSE but as you must have noticed by now that’s not going to stop me.

We’ve welcomed Natalie Bennett, William Hague, Ed Miliband, David Miliband, Theresa May, Amartya Sen, Paul CollierAung San Suu Kyi, David Cameron, Vikram Seth, Michelle Bachelet..this list could continue forever so I’ll stop…of and of course Angelina Jolie..Have I mentioned that she came to LSE already? Can’t remember…but yes Angelina Jolie was here.

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Suyash Raj-Bhandari, LSE First Year Government and Economics Student

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8 Insider Reasons to apply to LSE

10 Things that ruin Easter Revision

We’re about to give you the greatest excuses for all that procrastination you’ve been and will go through. Here’s our theory, it’s not your fault! Our thoughts and thus our choices are shaped by our environment; our architecture. Don’t believe us? Then read Nudge by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein. If there’s fruit on offer instead of cake, we choose the healthy option. If you put a target in the centre of a urinal, you get less spillage. And if you get the architecture wrong, your productivity suffers. Here are our

1. Your Bed:

Studying in a room where your bed is nearby is a recipe for disaster. Or rather, a recipe for falling asleep. You associate your bed with rest and relaxing. Having that thought right by your desk will only lead your mind astray.

2. TV:

Working near a TV may seem such a great idea on the surface. You may think it will keep you stimulated and working for longer. That won’t happen. You’ll just abandon work and end up watching another episode of Breaking Bad or the live football.

3. The Internet:

The Internet is much too abundant with distractions like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. ‘It’s a research tool’ you may say. Yes, it is. But it also can be the source of many funny cat videos, memes and embarrassing photos of your friends. Avoid it if you can.

4. Rowdy People:

Don’t work near your friends. They’ll just start talking to you/making funny faces/poking you profusely. Unless your friend is super keen and has a cataclysmic fury which prevents you from disturbing them, keep your studying an individual affair.

5. Sugar:

Okay we’re being a bit hasty here. Some sugar is good. You need lots of fruit and carbs to power your day. But don’t binge on sugary snacks and drinks. They’ll simply make you hyper (and thus unable to work) before crashing (and thus unable to work). You get the picture.

6. The Great Outdoors:

Two issues with this. Firstly, if you’re reading this in the UK, we so rarely have the weather for an outdoor retreat whilst studying. So we advise being less idealistic. Secondly, working outside always gets messy. Be it papers being blown away, an uneven work surface or simply the thought of lying in the mid-day sun, desks indoors were invented for a reason.

7. Hunger:

Your body needs fuel. See point 8. Not eating properly will also mean you snack badly. Eat well and regularly – mealtimes will also act as targets in the day to aim towards.

8. Sleep:

We said our thoughts are a product of our architecture. Yet our thoughts are also a product of our rationality (without getting into a philosophical debate). Basically, the part of our brain that acknowledges our future selves and includes them in our thinking doesn’t work as well when we’re tired. So sleep.

9. Messiness:

A cluttered workspace means a cluttered mind. Start your day by tidying your workspace and/or room. In the process, you’ll probably start structuring your thoughts and how you’ll attack the day.

10. Human Nature:

Be it your recent infatuation, thoughts of lunch or simply imagining that big sports game tomorrow, our own brains are our own worst enemies. We can’t combat our own desires. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. The best advice is simply to put mechanisms in place like those above to make sure your architecture inclines you to be productive rather than lethargic.

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Carpe Diem,

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10 Things that ruin Easter Revision