10 Brilliant UK Politics Resources for Students


Leading up to A-Level UK Politics exams, we’ve put together the best resources for boosting you/your students’ revision and notes. A successful candidate will not only be give an example, but explain why it is applicable and show vital understanding in the process. So often examiners spend only a brief period of time skimming through a script. Sign-posting an answer with great examples and insights is thus vital.

*A star donates stellar content that ambitious candidates should be reading every day.

1. BBC Politics*:

You can’t really beat the Beeb. They cover every aspect of UK Pol, but their analysis is also fantastic. Vital for the lead up to the election and focus on parties. Gold-dust.

2. Radio 4 Today Programme*:

Even if getting up between 6 and 9am each morning isn’t your thing, listen back to the show on iPlayer Radio every weekday (and Saturday too – whoop!). I cannot stress enough how good this programme is for making you aware of everything going on in the political world. For instance, on Sat 28th’s show, they had an in-depth piece about Private Member Bills (a lesser known element of the AS Unit 2 syllabus). Also look out for A Week in Westminster on the same station.

3. UCL Constitution Unit:

Granted this is a bit dense for A-Level students, but it is full of outstanding analysis. If you’re looking to add some insights that will put you in the running for 100 UMS or a very high A grade, reading a few of their articles is essential. Look out for Profs Robert Hazell and Megan Russell.

4. Hansard Society:

They chronicle every event in Parliament. They also produce wonderful research reports. Many a pithy quote has been found and used in our revision.

5. Newspapers:

Keeping up to note with the news is essential for getting any decent grade in Politics. Reading a physical or digital copy online should be part of your morning routine. Recommended: Telegraph, Guardian, Times, FT.

6. Twitter*:

If you want Politics news delivered to your phone at the click of a button, then start following some great accounts on twitter. Here’s our favourites.

History of Parliament (@HistParl)
Patrick Dunleavy (@PJDunleavy)
Tim Bale (@ProfTimBale)
May 2015 (@May2015NS)
Neil McNaughton (@NeilMcNaughton)
Tiffin Politics (@TiffinPolitics)
Democratic Audit (@DemocraticAudit)
Oxford Politics and IR (@Politics_Oxford)
Phillip Cowley (@philipjcowley)
Ben Page- Ipsos Mori (@benatipsosmori)
Politics in Spires (@PoliticsinSpire)
Faisal Islam (@FaisalIslam)
Tom Newton Dunn (@tnewtondunn)
LSE Constitution UK (@ConstitutionUK)
PoliticsHome (@PoliticsHome)
#Politics (@HashtagPol) [of course]

7. Total Politics .com

I really like this one. The tone is more lighthearted than most, but it provides a welcome sense of perspective.

8. Blogs:

For a more opinionated take on political events, read blog posts. These ones below are well-researched and enjoyable to read. 

Guido Fawkes
LSE Europp
LSE Politics and Policy
Conservative Home
Left Foot Forward

9. Democratic Dashboard*:

Run by the LSE, this is the best place to find out what’s going on in your constituency. Its pregnant with glorious stats.. Nothing better than a great stat to illustrate your point in an essay.

10. Politics.co.uk

A very good, impartial site for news, comment and up to date information

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10 Brilliant UK Politics Resources for Students