Top 10 A-Level Economics Resources

Leading up to A-Level exams, we’ve put together our best resources for boosting you/your students’ revision and notes. Contextualisation is vital to Economics exam success. For instance, we know of one student who absorbed every resource they could and wrote down the most relevant bits in a news diary. Top marks duly followed. Ready to get top marks? Here are our top 10 resources….

*A star donates stellar content that ambitious candidates should be reading every day.

1. BBC Business*: The best site for up-to-date UK and world economic news. Their ‘Business Live’ Page each morning is also excellent, with lots of up to date stats. Linda Yueh is particularly good for all things Asia related for those doing A2 Macro. Simon Gompertz is very good too.

2. Radio 4 Today Programme*: Even if getting up between 6 and 9am daily isn’t your thing, listen back to the show on iPlayer Radio every weekday (and Saturday too – whoop!). There’s always so much applied content and analysis from the Micro and Macro syllabus.

3. The Financial Times (FT)*: The highest quality news and analysis. Both the breadth and depth of its analyses and reporting is so good for making your long answers/essays shine. Look out for John Authers’ ‘Note’ videos on the FT website. Martin Wolf’s pieces are essential too.

4. The Enlightenment Economics Blog: This is more for those who want to add some of ground-breaking theory into their essays to nail an A/A* grade. Diane Coyle authors this brilliant blog. She seemingly reads every Economics book going, digests them and writes her own neat opinion/summary. Thanks to her, we know about so many more books than we otherwise would have ever been able to read – Thank you Diane!

5. Ian Stewart, Deloitte Weekly Round-Up*: Every Monday morning, Mr Stewart rounds-up all the major Economics news from the previous week and produces an in-depth report on a particular area of interest. All in brilliantly digestible bullet point format and delivered straight to your inbox. Can’t beat it.

6. Twitter: If you want Economics news delivered to your phone at the click of a button, then start following some great accounts on twitter. Some of our personal favourites are Dan Ariely (@DanAriely), Mo Tanweer (@MoTanweer), Phillip Legrain (@Plegrain), Ninja Economics (@NinjaEconomics), James Bennett (@JamesRBennett), Frances Coppola (@Frances_Coppola), Rory Sutherland (@rorysutherland), OBR (@OBR_UK), Trading Economics (@tEconomics) and our own, #Economics (@HashtagEcon).

7. The Economist: If you want the quality and breadth of the FT but from a more considered perspective, read this weekly magazine. Brilliant articles packed full of great stats, analysis and interesting angles.

8. The Mainly Macro Blog: Written by Oxford professor Simon Wren-Lewis, this blog is full of excellent insights from one of the leading macro academics in the country.

9. More or Less: Radio 4, by Tim Harford: Not strictly Economics related, but its full of stats and encourages the sort of enquiring an Economist needs. Stats capture trends and importantly, ideas. Finding the right ideas is the sign of a good Economist, putting aside corollaries and focusing on causation in the process. Master this skill before you sit the exam!

10. Tutor2u: Arguably the most popular Economics resource available. Lots of very decent content, notes and up-to-date stats.

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Over and out.

Top 10 A-Level Economics Resources

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