10 ways Hashtag Tuition stands out from the Crowd

For our inaugural post, we answer the most fundamental question posed to us, namely, what makes us better than the rest. Hashtag Tuition is challenging the whole of the tuition market. Here are the reasons why:

1. Quality: We offer the best tutors in terms of raw talent, experience, academic background and much more. Our Finest Tutor service is unique in its offering of world-class tutors with the most distinguished teaching background. Our Professional Tutor service provides the security of having a subject-specialist. Our Extraordinary Students are savvy, know the tricks of the trade and have achieved the highest exam results accordingly.

2. Dynamism: Why offer a expectant client one tutor who offers a homogenous service to students? Education is too important to be compromised. That’s why we can offer any type of tutor, all tailored around the specific needs of clients. Be it your exam-board, learning technique, price, location or anything else a client requires, we provide it.

3. Cost-Effective: We quite intentionally take one of, if not the, lowest commission fee/s of any company on the market. It’s almost always 10%. What that means is that the fees our tutors charge are invariably much more competitive. So not only do clients get a better quality, more tailored service, but they also get more for their money. And we have no pesky registration fees. Importantly, the only service our customers pay for is the tutor’s time.

4. Network: How do we offer the tripartite arsenal of quality, dynamism and cost-effectiveness? The answer: Network. Our Network contains a vast number of tutors all defined by their quality. And what’s more, we growing all the time. How are we growing? See reason 5

5. Built for Scale: It’s in everyone’s interests to join the Network. There is no obligation for any of our tutor’s to take on any work. If nothing took their fancy, they could decline every job. Our model was built with flexibility in mind. Tutors can only gain from the opportunities we generate. And what’s more, our Commission model (see reason 6) means the more the Network grows, the more work for everyone involved.

6. Commission: Every time a Network Member recommends our services and generates a new paying parent/customer, we reward that Network Member with a £20 thank you payment. And there is no limit to the number of times that you can recommend our services.

7. Efficiency: 10 years ago, what we are doing would take a substantial back-office. Today, software makes everyone’s lives so much easier. We combine a meticulous attention to detail and organisational might to offer the most efficient service possible. Be it sorting out admin or dealing with the exact needs of clients, we have it covered.

8. Flexibility: Tutors set their own fees, hours and conditions of accepting any job. We simply give them all the tools they need to do their job as well as possible. The result is pricing that is appropriate for the requirements of each individual client.

9. Platform: Our Network gives us the ability to do some very exciting things, be it Easter Gradeboosters, Summer Schools,  our International side and much more. Why be static?

10. Excellence: Hashtag Tuition’s founders know what is required to achieve academic success. It requires being fastidious, having the highest aims and finding the right method. And the most beautiful thing is that our formula is applicable to any student, any task or any goal. What matters, always, is the little detail. For Hashtag Tuition, the extra mile is the norm.

So, that’s us, standing defiantly up against the rest of the tuition market with a simple challenge: try and offer a better quality of tutor, a more tailored service, a bigger scale, greater cost-effectiveness than us. They’ll need all the luck they can get…


10 ways Hashtag Tuition stands out from the Crowd